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New communities have been added!

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    Community Manager
    Posted 04-23-2019 14:40

    Greetings Knowledge Communities!


    It's been a while since my last announcement - I wanted to wait for all the great news to come together so I could tell you all at once.


    We have launched several new communities in the last month. We've expanded beyond just LI to cover even more of your interests. Check out our new communities and show your colleagues who may be interested:


    All Things Location serves to deliver news you can use and trends you must understand will impact your job, your company and the future of location technology.


    Data Sandbox is the space where data enthusiasts and experts gather to share tips and tricks. Community members receive early access to product update information, and opportunities to help build better data.


    Spectrum Technology Platform does a lot of things - some you might not even know it can do. Join the community that will show you best practices for what you do know, teach you about what you don't, and expand your Information Management skills with every conversation.


    EngageOnegreat customer engagement requires great communication - right message, right person, right medium, right time. Come share your ideas and find best practices for communicating with your customers to meet them at their moment of need.


    I look forward to seeing what you have to say in these new communities!

    Sydney Lawton
    Community Manager