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Hotlink opens new instance of MapInfo

  • 1.  Hotlink opens new instance of MapInfo

    Posted 03-14-2019 19:53
    In my organisation, we have an intermittent problem with Hotlinks opening a new instance of MapInfo.
    Basically, we have a MapInfo table that is a grid of tiles (just square polygons representing the tile boundaries) and when you use the hotlink tool, it opens a MapInfo table that fills the tiles (typically either a raster image, or contours).
    Some users have the problem that MapInfo will open the new table in a new instance of MapInfo.
    I have researched this problem before, and the advice is that;
    1) When the hotlink tool is used, MapInfo passes a command to Windows to "double-click on that file" and
    2) Windows settings are messed up, so windows fails to realise that MapInfo is already open and thus opens a new instance.
    I have tried various methods of fixing Windows, with only partial success. Re-installing Windows does fix this, but this is an extreme solution.

    Now, I understand the power of the Hotlink passing a command to Windows. This allows a hotlink to open a pdf in acrobat, or a web page in a browser, or a document in word. I think this is a great feature. :-)

    But! If the hotlink is clearly pointing to a MapInfo table, why does MapInfo pass the command to Windows at all? Why does MapInfo not simply open the referenced MapInfo table within itself?

    Please Pitney Bowes, change the behaviour of MapInfo hotlinks to open MapInfo tables directly without passing the command to Windows. Of course, if the file is not native to MapInfo, then pass then on to Windows. But capture and process the MapInfo files first.

    Nick Lawrence

    Nick Lawrence
    TMR-Policy and Planning

  • 2.  RE: Hotlink opens new instance of MapInfo

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 03-15-2019 06:28
    Hi Nick,

    Do your Users hotlink both TAB files and other objects (PDFs, Word docs, etc)? If only TAB files then a custom MapBasic tool could handle the requirement to open a TAB file within the existing session.

    Thanks for your suggestion to include this within the core product - agree that the altered logic you've suggested would be a handy improvement. The best way to do this is via the Ideas portal & then have other Users vote to support the idea. This information is used by our Product Management & Development teams in prioritising enhancements for future releases. You can find the Ideas portal under the "Pitney Bowes Sites" menu at the top of the Knowledge Community portal.

    Thanks, Ashley

    Ashley Crane
    Regional Director, Software Support
    Pitney Bowes