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Using a Web Service from Analyst

  • 1.  Using a Web Service from Analyst

    Posted 05-14-2019 05:31
    Edited by Peter Horsbøll Møller 05-15-2019 03:05

    As we with Spectrum Spatial 2018.2 have started moving the configuration of Analyst from the Admin Console into Spectrum Spatial Manager, there are a few things that still needs to be administrated from the Admin Console. One of these is creating new Web Mapping Services/WMS Layers.

    Creating a new Web Map Service

    Launch the classic Admin Console and select the WMS tab. The Admin Console can be launched using this URL: http://localhost:8020/adminconsole/analyst where localhost is the server name and 8020 is the port specified when you installed Analyst.

    Hit the Create New and enter the URL to the capabilities document. Remember to specify the correct Authentication if any is used. Typical Spectrum Spectrum is using Basic Authentication unless you have turned this off. Most WMS servers that I have come across do not use any authentication and if they do, it's embedded in the URL.

    In the Add/Edit WMS window, specify a name for this new Web Mapping Service, select the layer(s) you want and select the coordys to use.

    Hit Save to save the new Web Mapping Service. These Web Mapping Services are not saved into the Spectrum Spatial Repository but as config files in the Analyst installation folder.

    Using a Web Mapping Service in your Map Project

    When you have created the web services that you need, it's time to use these in your Map Projects. Push the Edit button of the Map Project on the Project Home page.

    Select either Base Maps or Business Maps on the left and then clikc on Manage Layers to select Web Mapping Services and here select the recently added WMS layer(s) you want to include in your Map Project.

    As you can see this has changed some what to earlier versions, where you added the WMS Layers similar to adding any layer. The benefit of this new structure is that it is now a lot easier to reuse Web Mapping Services in multiple Map Projects. You only have to create it once.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Pitney Bowes