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  • Another great idea that came out the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) was Sample Flows for Enterprise Designer. These flows would have the basic functionality like Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding along with some best practices like batch decisioning. We’re ...

  • Kicking off the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) insights with a great new feature: Match Score! This was added to Spectrum’s Global Geocoding Module (GGM) latest patch release (CDQ 2018.2.S14)   Match Score lets you quickly identify whether an address ...

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  • "Do individual apartments and units get their own pbKEY?" is a question I get from time to time. The answer is that it depends.  US Geocoding's, Master Location Data (MLD) is a compiled list of all known addresses in the US.  If we know a particular ...

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  • As the owner and architect for the big data products at Pitney Bowes, I’m always trying to make sure that the products we build solve real problems for you, our customers. Version 3.1 of our geocoder for Hadoop has some nice additions based on valuable ...

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