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  • For our UK-based clients, we are confirming our next forum will be June 4th in Stamford Bridge. The  registration page  is live, however the full agenda is still being finalized. Register now and share this link with your colleagues. If you have ...

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  • Global Geocoding Data Quarterly Update (Apr 2019) - Country Coverage Details The geocoding team is constantly working to improve our international coverage. The attached excel spreadsheet lists per data set  the latest precision coverage for the ...

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  • I am very excited to see the upcoming release of the improved Thailand geocoder next month. With this upcoming release, the Thailand geocoder can now achieve over 50% address match, using a real-world address file. Our benchmarks have shown a decrease ...

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  • As the owner and architect for the big data products at Pitney Bowes, I’m always trying to make sure that the products we build solve real problems for you, our customers. Version 3.1 of our geocoder for Hadoop has some nice additions based on valuable ...

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