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  • You're welcome!  As always, please let me know if you have any other questions. ------------------------------ Ellene Duffy Technical Product Manager PITNEY BOWES SOFTWARE Boulder CO ------------------------------

  • Thank you for the licensing info, appreciated! ​ ------------------------------ Priscilla Anand Technical GIS Manager LERETA, LLC Covina CA ------------------------------

  • Hi Priscilla, Thanks for sharing the details regarding your business need to retain the addresses.  This is a helpful use case for us to keep in mind. Reverse Geocoding is an optional, licensed feature, so you would need to get an updated license if ...

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  • As the owner and architect for the big data products at Pitney Bowes, I’m always trying to make sure that the products we build solve real problems for you, our customers. Version 3.1 of our geocoder for Hadoop has some nice additions based on valuable ...

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