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  • Greetings all, I wanted to share with you some of the updates that have been happening behind the scenes here at the Knowledge Communities. First, I recently launched the FAQ community . This community will cover the basics of the Knowledge Communities ...

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  • Greetings Knowledge Communities!   It's been a while since my last announcement - I wanted to wait for all the great news to come together so I could tell you all at once.   We have launched several new communities in the last month. We've expanded ...

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  • Greetings community members! I wanted to share with you the progress of the community migration to our new platform and changes made as a result of your feedback. First, as mentioned at launch, not all discussion threads were brought over to the new ...

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  • Greetings all, I want to thank you for your engagement in the new Knowledge Communities as we've gone through our Beta. Despite a few bugs and hiccups, we can all agree that our new home has more possibilities than ever before. You’ve helped us optimize ...

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  • Greetings Community members, Many of you have asked for a place to make suggestions and give feedback on the Knowledge Communities itself. We're working on a more official place to put together Community related ideas, but for now, please add comments ...

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  • Greetings Knowledge Community members! I'd like to introduce myself officially to you - I'm Sydney Lawton , the Community Manager here on the Knowledge Communities. I used to be in Software Support taking cases for the Spectrum Technology Platform. ...

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