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Welcome to the MapInfo Pro Developers community!  We are a group dedicated to the discussion and understanding of MapBasic and .Net MapInfoPro AddIn development. Bring your questions and ideas here. This group includes several members of the Pro development team from around the world.

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  • We have just posted a download link to an Alpha version of the upcoming MapInfo Pro v2019.3 in the MapInfo Lab . The MapInfo Lab is where we discuss the next version of MapInfo Pro and give users early access to try out the new features and provide ...

  • What's the story on Python in MapInfo Pro? MapInfo Pro users have long used the MapBasic scripting language to automate tasks, build custom apps, create domain specific customizations of Pro, Integrate Pro with other tools, etc. Examples: Automate ...

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  • Thank you very much for the support Bob. I will find the samples one way or another. Looks like it's a straightforward change, which it may need some additional changes but all in all seems to be simple. I have marked you answer as best reply, I may get ...

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