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  • Nice work Miguel and thanks for sharing. PM me (or in community speak, reply privately) with the address you'd like us to send your swag to and I'll get it sent out.  Regards, Dave ------------------------------ Dave Andrews Pitney Bowes Inc Stamford ...

  • Just wanted to update this post with some of our latest Public access projects, as the one published previously is gone now: Public Map Planning Applications for Councillors Public Rights of Way School Admission Areas ------------------------------ ...

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  • The pool size for a remote component is the number of requests the component can handle concurrently. This setting represents the number of threads on the components that are listening for service requests from the  Spectrum™ Technology Platform  or executing ...

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  • This blog entry builds on a previous posting which gives an introduction to downloading and setting up Enterprise Designer and using the Query Spatial Data Stage . The Find Nearest Stage is found within the Location Intelligence sub-folder in ...

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