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    RE: SQL Server 2019

    Hi Roger, Yes your observation is correct. With the changes in roadmap, we will now certify SQL Server 2019 with Confirm 21.0. For version 20.x we have certified Sql Server 2016 & Sql Server 2017. ------------------------------ Ritushree Mishra Pitney ...

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    RE: SQL Server 2019

    Hi Ritu, is the above advice still current? We want to upgrade to v20.1, but it looks as though it is only certified up to Windows Server 2016 / SQL Server 2016 ------------------------------ Roger Ling Senior GIS Officer Department of Primary Industries, ...

  • Hi Mitchell Try this  SELECT DISTINCT feature_document.site_code, feature_document.plot_number, feature.feature_deadflag, feature_type.feature_type_code, feature_type.feature_type_name, feature_document.document_path FROM feature, feature_document, ...

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