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    RE: Feature SQL

    Hi Afzal, Lesley is correct that you need to either use a sub select or left join to the attribute tables using aliases for the table, as you will need to keep linking back to this for each attribute. the following is an example of using both methods, ...

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    RE: Feature SQL

    Hi Afzal, Not my strong point admittedly but I think you are excluding all your results in your "Where" statement by saying everything has to equal everything else. Think you need to alias them. I usually achieve this by LEFT JOINing a series of sub-selects, ...

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    Feature SQL

    Hello,  I have written this sql for features and when i run this it is not showing any data, can someone please advise where i am going wrong.  HG01 and HG02 attributes are in text format which has already been populated and the rest of HG codes are ...

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