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  • The Design thinking workshop was fantastic and insightful and the knowledge we have gained is helping us to work towards delivering an outstanding client experience. Thanks for organising this. ------------------------------ Susan Bardet Software Support ...

  • Are you aware of the positive impact that design thinking can have on you, your employees, products and clients? I earned my LUMA Design Thinking Practitioner Certification earlier this year and it was an outstanding experience & development opportunity. ...

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  • Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to create a point in Angular? Augustin ------------------------------ Augustin Boyer GEO RM Jaunay-Marigny ------------------------------

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  • One of the benefits of being product owner for Spectrum Location Intelligence for Big Data is that I get to see a lot of customer use cases. Now that GPS devices are everywhere, I'm seeing more customers trying to get some value out of data collected ...

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