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  • Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to create a point in Angular? Augustin ------------------------------ Augustin Boyer GEO RM Jaunay-Marigny ------------------------------

  • Amarjeet,  If your Event Type is properly configured, any operation which is set to execute on this event will execute in the Participant ID that is included in the event.   I'm sorry, but in this forum, I cannot continue this.   If you need help getting ...

  • ​Hi Eric, I have already done that. Is there any documentation on when to fire event / how events are processed. As per documentation I am right by creating event entry in System_Event table. I am interested how dialog server picks that event. Regards, ...

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  • One of the benefits of being product owner for Spectrum Location Intelligence for Big Data is that I get to see a lot of customer use cases. Now that GPS devices are everywhere, I'm seeing more customers trying to get some value out of data collected ...

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