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  • Thanks to @Paul Archambault for sharing with me. A lot good insight and very simple. http://www.comeetie.fr/galerie/sankeystif/#stations/Ch%C3%A2telet/42  ​ ------------------------------ David Andrews Pitney Bowes Inc Stamford CT ----------- ...

  • Going forward the intention is to have MXT & MI Pro releases synced up. ------------------------------ Elliott Cox LI Product Manager ------------------------------

  • Good to see that MapXtreme Advanced is catching up with MapInfo Pro Advanced! ------------------------------ Peter Horsbøll Møller Pitney Bowes ------------------------------

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  • One of the benefits of being product owner for Spectrum Location Intelligence for Big Data is that I get to see a lot of customer use cases. Now that GPS devices are everywhere, I'm seeing more customers trying to get some value out of data collected ...

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