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This FAQ community is the place to ask questions about the community itself. Not sure how to find a draft post? The answer is here for you.

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  • Hi Matt, These are certainly from Pitney Bowes. Sertifi is a tool for managing these transactions. So you know, this community supports our software business, not our mailing business. I think you can direct any specific questions you have to  ...

  • I keep getting called encouraged to upgrade my "old" machine and they want me to sign a new contract and upgrade. I just ask them to send me whatever they have to my email. The emails have Pitney Bowes logos all over it but come from the email address ...

  • Have you noticed some nifty stickers on your Achievements page ? Or maybe you've made a connection on the site and saw that your new friend has hit some pretty cool milestones. This FAQ is all about those enviable images, which we call Badges.   ...

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