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    It is not long now until the next SSA release. Read about what is new in this blog post.

  • The beta testing for MI Pro v17 is in full swing now, with lots of feedback coming in. Pitney Bowes have now confirmed that the release date for this will be 30 April 2018. Some exciting new features coming in there, so look out for it at the end of ...

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    One of my absolute favourite aspects of mapping and geology is the mythology associated with how the world was formed. One place that really stands out for me is the Giants Causeway in Ireland, where legend claimed that a giant, Finn MacCool, built a ...

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    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year! For most of NZ, I think the brilliant weather held out for most of the holiday period, there are definitely a few sun-kissed faces back here in the office this week! For those of you who are now battling floods and the fallout from the ...