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The EngageOne community is the place to share best practices across product usage and deployment.  You’ll have access to key Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), Technical Resources, and Support/Services Leadership. You have the opportunity to share opinions and perspectives on development, provide valuable input for research and development of new products, and volunteer for beta testing opportunities.

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  • Hello Henry, Shortly, there is no command-line asset promotion import utility. In 4.4.10 release we have  APC command line tool that can be used to export data from any older EOS version to promotion bundle and then import it to destination EOS server ...

  • Hello All, i am trying to automate our import process of promotion bundles. we are using version 4.4.5 but upgrading to 4.4.9 currently. we have a need to upload the same promotion bundle to multiple communities on the same engageone install. is there ...

  • Updated EngageOne Designer, Generate, Interactive Editors v6.6 SP10 versions are now available The latest cumulative release update versions [] are now available to download from our e-Store. This includes new releases of the following ...

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