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  • Some records in the electoral4B are truncated and cannot join because of that.: example: "Αγίων Αναργύρων - Καματερού" in dimoi3 file cannot match "Αγίων Αναργύρων -" in electoral4 file Some other records from the dimoi3 table do not appear in electoral4 ...

  • Thanks Dave - that's helpful. I have managed to luckily highlight all of the layers within the legend frame. R ------------------------------ Richard Sherman Knowledge Community Shared Account ------------------------------

  • Hi, unfortunately this connector (SSBI) is no longer available. We sunset this product in April 2019. ------------------------------ Elliott Cox LI Product Manager ------------------------------

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  • MapInfo Pro v17.0.2 is more than a minor update. We took advantage of a development cycle initially geared toward adding new language coverage to bring you some really awesome capability that our clients have requested. Specifically: MapInfo ProViewer ...

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  • Shortly, we’ll turn the page on our calendars and 2019 will be upon us. It will mark 50 years of commercial GIS. In 1969, two companies opened their doors and began their journey toward developing some of the most impactful technologies used today. Intergraph ...

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  • This video demonstrates both batch and transactional geocoding processes in MapInfo Pro v16. Pitney Bowes' class-leading geocoding process and data is now available to all Pro users to improve your efficiency and results. In version 17, the interface ...

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