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  • Hi Luke. thanks for your reply. When I am sure the tree is definitely not deeper than X steps, I could use the suggested solution to build a pair of Entity to Relationship and Relationship to Entity steps and put this pair X times one after the other ...

  • Great workaround / enhancement! This can also serve as a log file, I suppose? ------------------------------ Marcus Enger Director Partner Management EMEA PITNEY BOWES SOFTWARE, INC, Germany ------------------------------

  • Hello everyone, Sharing some artifacts which will help you learn more about our latest offering - "Smart Data Quality" . Let me know if you have any feedback/query with respect to #SmartDQ.  Do you want to see how it works, please take a look at this ...

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  • By Gaston Hummel and Tom Thomas, March 11, 2019 What are Incorrect Customer Addresses Costing your Business? Poor quality customer data imposes costs and risks on businesses.  Gartner research, Harvard Business Review and Forbes Magazine agree that ...

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  • Around some 16 years ago, when I was pursuing my bachelors, we were taught about Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). The databases being used in universities then were mainly My SQL or Oracle. Those were the days when businesses were concerned ...

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  • Evolution of Data Quality – Getting Smart in the ‘Age of the Customer’ Recently I was thinking back to the date when I joined Pitney Bowes. It’s been more than 9 years now and I think that’s a long time. Facebook at that time was 5 years old, ...

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