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  • Hi all,   MapInfo Pro 2019.2 patch has been officially released and is already live on a web! It addresses several critical issues reported by our partners and customers. You can download patch from here: ...

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  • Sorry, I found that I missed command Call RegisterUriParser(New_GenericUriParser(1), "pack", -1) So the problem is solved.  But may be there is answer to my second question? ------------------------------ Evgeny Kleiman Knowledge Community Shared ...

  • Hello, I use MapInfo 19 and in MapBasic I try to add an icon to a button following to your example:   Call SetRbnBtnCtrlLargeIcon(button1, New_Uri("pack://application:,,,/MapInfo.StyleResources;component/Images/Mapping/openTable_32x32.png", 0)) But when ...

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