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    Posted 12-13-2017 11:34

    We have had four different MapInfo Pro 16 webinars in Finland. Below you can find links to three latest recordings. The webinars are in Finnish but the live demos are in English (done by Peter Möller).

    MapInfo Pro v. 16 - editing and analysing (editointi ja analysointi):

    MapInfo Pro Advanced v. 16 (rasterit ja gridit):

    MapInfo Pro v. 16 - output and visualising (julkaiseminen ja visualisointi):


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    Posted 12-13-2017 08:20

    Thanks for sharing the links to the recordings, Jukka! I think @Hakan Karlsson? did the live demo in the first of these three webinars, if I remember correctly

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    Posted 12-13-2017 08:29

    ?Yes, that´s true.

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    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 12-15-2017 05:08

    Kiitos Jukka webinaarien järjestämisestä! And thank you @Peter Horsbøll Møller? and @Hakan Karlsson? for supporting.