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MapInfo from remote desk

  • 1.  MapInfo from remote desk

    Posted 10-05-2018 17:55

    HI my friends, i have a costumer, he has the mapinfo installed on a server, and he told me he use from there the mapinfo using remote desk. So i was wondering.... If he uses the MIP through remote desk, and he has only one license , so, he can open the MIP from there in many computers. using this method, he can work in many computers using one only monouser MIP licensing.

    My question is, could be this true?


    Thanks a lot.

  • 2.  RE: MapInfo from remote desk

    Posted 10-25-2018 04:26

    As long as it's only him accessing the remote server, he should be fine.

    If multiple users start accessing and using MapInfo Pro via Remote Desktop he might violate the license agreement. But that might be hard to say unless we get some more details on how they are using MapInfo Pro.

  • 3.  RE: MapInfo from remote desk

    Posted 10-25-2018 14:13

    Thanks Peter. he told me that, it was a comment, i mean he made a mistake.... anyway, my question was if they can access the MIP, using the remote desktop, and you say yes.... 😕 too, Mr. Peter, i hope they only work one computer ,,,, thanks for your answer.