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Webinar follow-up: Extend the Value of Your GIS (v17.0.2)

  • 1.  Webinar follow-up: Extend the Value of Your GIS (v17.0.2)

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 01-18-2019 16:14
    Edited by Sydney Lawton 01-22-2019 16:45
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    Thanks to all who attended the webinar this week.

    Here is the link to the recording of the webinar:  click here

    The webinar slides are attached to this post.

    Here are the questions asked by attendees with answers:

    1. Can users write their own MBX's to run within ProViewer?

    The planned "Explorer" version will have this capability.


    1. It would be nice to have a way around this "sign up" so corporate users can deploy ProViewer across their network without expecting every user to setup their own account individually.

    Thanks for this suggestion. We'll look into a way to do this in the next release.


    1. Will there be a way to install ProViewer 17 without MapInfo Pro?

    The "Viewer" is MapInfo running with a subset of the features.


    1. Our customers (but also my colleagues) are confused by the name of the installation files for the version 17.0.2.- a trial version. Is this a full version? Since trail version can be confused as beta-version, not tested version, to clarify this to our customers and assure my colleagues?

    We will be improving the language and flow of the installer in the next release to address the confusion you describe. We will post the proposed changes in the MapInfo Community to get user feedback on the next version.


    1. Will demo material about ProViewer be made available on the MapInfo Youtube channel or on the enablement portal, which we can send to our customers?

    This is a great suggestion. I'll talk to the video production team about this.


    1. If you have to have MapInfo Pro in order to have the new ProViewer, why would you use ProViewer in order to view a workspace?

    ProViewer users will open workspaces created by MapInfo Pro users. A MapInfo Pro user should preview the workspace in the ProViewer to make sure that it works as expected.  For example, if the MapInfo Pro user has Bing Maps in the workspace, the ProViewer user won't be able to see Bing Maps unless the license credentials for Bing Maps are available to the ProViewer user.


    1. Just as an FYI, not many people "drive" in DC. It's a more public transport city.

    Good point!  This is a great example of the importance of local knowledge when using maps created by people who don't know an area. The "Viewer" user should tell the MapInfo Pro user who created the workspace to set the drive time app to "walk" mode to estimate the proximity of the urgent care center.


    1. From what I understand and as mentioned earlier, you still have to have the full version of MapInfo Pro to access this viewer? You mentioned that it is less expensive...I notice that your version of MapInfo Pro does not have the Discover pulldown...sorry, I'm confused!

    The installer for the full version of MapInfo Pro includes the ProViewer.  You can use the ProViewer even if you have not activated or purchased the license for the full version.  Discover is no longer part of MapInfo Pro.  This product was sold to our partner Datamine in 2017.  (


    1. Why do you have to have an internet connection to use ProViewer 17?

    As part of the digital transformation of Pitney Bowes Software and MapInfo Pro, we are using the online accounts of users to manage access to different versions of MapInfo. Currently this requires a connection to the internet.  We are looking into ways to give users access without an internet connection.  The planned "Explorer" version (paid license) of MapInfo will definitely operate without an internet connection.


    1. How does this all fit in with the Spectrum Spatial infrastructure and your web mapping products, surely they are competing for the same user base?

    Current users of MapInfo Pro can use the ProViewer right away at no cost. Some organizations may get more value from the expanded capabilities and customization possible with Spectrum Spatial, which requires additional investment.  Spectrum Spatial also requires at least one full GIS software such as MapInfo Pro.  There may be some overlap in the target customer for MapInfo Pro and Spectrum Spatial, but the best way to describe the two products is that they are complementary.


    1. Will the installer still be able to be installed offline?

    Yes, but the ProViewer can only be run when connected to the internet.


    1. Is there an anticipated price point for Explorer?

    It will be less than the full version of MapInfo Pro, but the price will depend on the functionality that is provided and our assessment of the value to the customer, which we are researching now.


    1. I am running version 16.0 How far behid am I with the updates? Also, I have MapInfo Pr and Anysite and I do work with heat maps and drive times, as well as market Segmentation.  Would the Advanced MapInfo Pro have all that I would need as a replacement for AnySite?

    The current version is 17.0.2.  v17 has significant improvements over v17 that you can learn about from the MapInfo section of the Pitney Bowes website (videos, etc).  You can also download a free trial or simply upgrade if you have a subscription and support contract.  MapInfo Advanced gives you the ability to create heat maps but it does not replace the functionality of AnySite.  Feel free to contact me directly to discuss your needs further.


    1. We have ver16 (64 bit) and up to date in the maintenance contract. Do we have free upgrade to ver17?



    1. After I download 17.0.2 what happens to my Discover license?

    Please contact Datamine with this question.


    1. How do you use ProViewer 17 on a computer that doesn't have MapInfo Pro installed? Is this possible?

    You can install v17.0.2 on a computer without MapInfo Pro installed because this version is a full installer (ie not a patch that requires a previous version installed).


    Jim Stone
    Pitney Bowes
    Product Manager, MapInfo Pro
    Reading, MA