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New and Updated tools on Community Download

  • 1.  New and Updated tools on Community Download

    Posted 02-04-2019 03:03
    Edited by Peter Horsbøll Møller 02-04-2019 03:38

    There has been added some new tools and made some improvements to a number of the tools and downloads on the Community Download page over the last couple of months.

    In November last year, the OS Grid Reference Search tool was created by Tom Parker and added to the site. This tool lets you search for Ordney Survey Grid References.

    In December, the WindowHelper tool was released in a version 3.6 which allows you to set the size of windows via the Modify Windows option and also adds a number of custom functions to the Function dropdown list in SQL Select, Update Column and Label Expression dialogs.

    The CoordsysChanger tool has an small update just before Christmas to also support read-only tables. The tool lets you change the coordinate system on multiple table in one step.

    In January, Bill Wemple gave Egge-Jan Pollé's Query Date and Time tool a refresh and integrated it better into the ribbon interface of MapInfo Pro 17.0. And as the name say, the tool helps you query data based on data and time.

    Bill Wemple also shared a set of Syntax Highlight and Keywords for Notepad++ for those among you that use Notepad++ for writing MapBasic code.

    Later in January, Kalu Ribush improved his Multi Mapper Tool that boosts your productivity when you work with many map windows and want to keep the layers aligned.

    And just today, Kalu also made some improvements to his Close Unused Tables tool which allows you to close unused tables and queries with a single click.

    This is just from the last two months - a lot of change has happened over the last year.

    If you have created a useful tool, small or big, you can also share it with the MapInfo Community here on Community Download.

    And if you are more of a user, go visit the site, I'm sure you will find something useful. What good tools have you already taken advantage of from the site? Share your insight in the comments below.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Pitney Bowes