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SSA Extensibility with Linux

  • 1.  SSA Extensibility with Linux

    Posted 11-16-2018 03:59
    Do the extensibility notes for Windows translate directly to a Linux instance of SSA?

    Dominic Rowan
    Gamma Ltd (VAR)
    DUBLIN 8

  • 2.  RE: SSA Extensibility with Linux

    Posted 12-06-2018 00:34
    Hi Dominic,
    Thank you for posting your question here!
    If you want to know whether the SSA extensibility notes/documentation is applicable for both Windows as well as Linux, I would like to inform you that it is applicable for both of the operating systems and you can use it to customize your product.
    Please let us know if this answers your query.

    Nalin Mathur
    Knowledge Community Shared Account