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Upgrade Issues - 2018.2

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  • 1.  Upgrade Issues - 2018.2

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 12-20-2018 10:47
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    Hi Group,

    We have recently become aware that a number of customers have experienced issues upgrading to the latest version of Spectrum Spatial Analyst. We are currently working on a urgent patch to fix the known issues. The patch will be available January 31st 2019.

    This list contains a list of the known issues causing upgrade concerns. 

    • Feature: Application Link-in results in link-ins defined against integer fields (Native TAB files) failing.
    • Feature: Session expiry no longer works if Spectrum and SSA have different expiry time settings – The user is no longer given the chance to log back in or reload session when it expires.
    • Feature: The option to set a friendly name for named maps is not provided in the new project settings dialog
    • Feature: "Enable Printing only if a layer is enabled in the legend" breaks if a user makes a "Query Layer" or "Thematic Layer" and Saves a Map Project.
    • Feature: There are some cases where layers are not correctly saved into a map project or are in the wrong order.
    • Upgrade: Shared.properties settings are overridden during upgrade
    • Upgrade: After upgrade, spectrum spatial database pooling validation fails intermittently against Postgres (this is a spectrum spatial issue and we will provide a workaround)

    We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


    Andy d'Andilly
    Global Product Manager

    Andy Dandilly
    Knowledge Community Shared Account
    Shelton CT