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Release Announcement: Spectrum Spatial LIM and SSA

  • 1.  Release Announcement: Spectrum Spatial LIM and SSA

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 12-10-2018 06:33

    I am very excited to share with everyone, that team has successfully completed another big milestone,

    Pleased to announce the general availability of "Spectrum Spatial LIM 2018.2" and "Spectrum Spatial Analyst 2018.2 GA" the release is now available. This is a huge release and comes with game changing new capabilities.  This release sees the first phase of exciting new enhancements aimed at simplifying Administration and providing capabilities that are more powerful for the end users.

    In this release you will see simplified administration when creating Map Configurations (now called Map Projects) and a wide range of other improvements for end users. The major new capabilities in this release are:

    Spectrum Spatial LIM 2018.2

    • Support for enhanced MRR raster styling: style override for named layers referencing MRR tables. Options like field, band, colour palette, colour table, hill shade and many more are now available in grid style. Now field and band can be specified to get cell value.
    • Managing and picking custom symbols: Configure a folder that is outside of the Spectrum deployment where custom image symbols can be stored and available without the need to restart the service.
    • Permission Management: Improved user interface within Spatial Manager, allows viewing and managing of permissions for resources and folders.
    • Sub-admin Support: The Map Uploader and Spectrum Spatial Manager now supports logging in by users who are an admin (a user who belongs to the admin or spatial-admin role) or a sub admin (a user who has the write permissions to at least one repository folder).
    • Database Specific Queries: Database specific query can be used to create a table in Spatial Manager, which allows you to create a table with complex query.
    • New MI SQL Functions: The new functions help analyse geometry complexity, which will help in analysis of new data sets, and in rendering performance.
    • Ease of Use, Robustness and License expiry warning: Re-starts just Spectrum Spatial within seconds. The capability to restart just the LIM (Location Intelligence Module) remote component JVM (Java Virtual Machine) has been added to Spectrum Spatial Manager. Spatial Manager now alerts the administrator about an imminent license expiry. A warning message is displayed to the administrator displaying the number of days left before the license will expire.

     Spectrum Spatial Analyst 2018.2

    • Introducing Projects - Map Configurations are now called Map Projects and can be created using a new user-friendly interface. Admins can create and manage projects, change their settings and grant permissions on them.
    • Single Sign On - Connectivity to your organization's active directory federation services, means that users can now use their organization's credentials to access the system.  
    • The SSA Home page: Enables authorised users and admins to quickly see and launch a list of all their map projects with thumbnail images of each project.
    • Control Map Projects: Users can create, edit and save their session state as Map Projects for their own use when needed (subject to permissions).
    • Re-order Layers Controls: Drag and drop to re-order and save those changes to the Map Project.
    • Save Added Business Layers: Users can add business layers that they need and then save that as their own private Project.
    • Functionality Profiles: A new functionality profile tab has been added to the Admin Console. The functionality settings that used to be specified directly in Map Configurations are now saved as a new Functionality Profile and can be referenced in multiple map projects.

    These exciting developments support a significantly improved experience and provide tools designed to reduce time spent on administration, by simplifying and improving a number of administration processes. Ultimately freeing both end user and admins to focus on business priorities.

    For more information, refer to the following:

    Spectrum Spatial Analyst Admin Guide

    Spectrum Spatial LIM Guide

    or visit the Spectrum Spatial (SSA & LIM) Knowledge Communities https://community.pitneybowes.com/communities/allcommunities (registration may be required). 

    For more information on Spectrum® Spatial Analyst and Location Intelligence Module, including important information on compatibility, refer to the Spectrum Spatial Analyst Release Notes and Spectrum Spatial LIM Release Notes.

    Andy d'Andilly
    Knowledge Community Shared Account
    Shelton CT