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Enterprise Routing Module - DEC 2018 Data Refresh

  • 1.  Enterprise Routing Module - DEC 2018 Data Refresh

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 01-28-2019 03:52
    Edited by Aditya Pathak 01-28-2019 04:02
    The refreshed data-sets for the Spectrum ERM module were recently released and the same are available in the following forms:
    1. as regional bundles (AMER, AMER2, APAC, EMEA and EMEA2) on the e-Store
    2. as regional as well as country-wise bundles on the Software & Data Marketplace
    The data-sets support the Commercial Vehicle Restrictions and the Historic Speed Profiles capabilities of Spectrum ERM and details about the same are available in the Data Release Notes for December 2018. Also, improved segment-wise speeds have been used for countries where Historic Speed Profile data is not available.

    Given below is a list of countries for which the data has been refreshed for the Q4-2018 release:

    Country Name ISO 3116-1 Alpha-2 Product Code Data Vintage
    Bulgaria BG B1G 2018.09
    Germany DE D1E 2018.09
    United Kingdom GB G1B 2018.09
    Hungary HU H1U 2018.09
    Ireland IE I1E 2018.09
    Netherlands NL N1L 2018.09
    Slovakia SK S1K 2018.09
    Slovenia SI S1I 2018.09
    Spain ES E0S 2018.09
    Turkey TR T1R 2018.09
    Albania AL A1L 2018.09
    Belarus BY B1Y 2018.09
    Bosnia & Herzegovina BA B1A 2018.09
    Moldova MD M1D 2018.09
    Croatia HR H1R 2018.09
    France FR F1R 2018.09
    Greece GR G1R 2018.09
    Italy IT I1T 2018.09
    Malta MT M1T 2018.09
    Russia RU R1U 2018.09
    Sweden SE S1E 2018.09
    Ukraine UA U1A 2018.09
    Australia AU A1U 2018.11
    China CN C1N 2018.09
    Macau MO M1O 2018.09
    Malaysia MY M1Y 2018.09
    New Zealand NZ N1Z 2018.11
    Philippines PH P1H 2018.09
    Taiwan TW T1W 2018.09
    Argentina AR A1R 2018.09
    Bermuda BM B1M 2018.09
    Brazil BR B1R 2018.09
    Bahamas BS B1S 2018.09
    Cuba CU C1U 2018.09
    Chile CL C1L 2018.09
    Mexico MX M1X 2018.09
    Canada CA C1A 2018.09
    United States of America US U1S 2018.09

    Aditya Pathak
    Product Owner - World Streets Data
    Pitney Bowes Software India