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Group a series of fields in a theme

  • 1.  Group a series of fields in a theme

    Posted 6 days ago
    Edited by George Corea 6 days ago
    I have a theme like

    set shade window 3008 3 values "Borehole" Symbol (76,255,15,"MapInfo Water",0,0) ,"End Cap" Symbol (50,255,13,"MapInfo Water",1,0) ,"Ferrule Cock" Symbol (77,255,15,"MapInfo Water",257,168.1) ,"Intake" Symbol (120,255,14,"MapInfo Water",1,0) ,"Pump" Symbol (60,255,15,"MapInfo Water",257,0) ,"Reducer" Symbol (38,255,12,"MapInfo Symbols",1,0) ,"Stop Cock" Symbol (38,255,15,"MapInfo Water",1,0) ,"Tower" Symbol (58,255,13,"MapInfo Symbols",1,0) ,"Unknown" Symbol (36,255,1,"MapInfo Symbols",1,75.4) ,"WTP" Symbol (52,255,13,"MapInfo Symbols",1,0) default # color 1 #

    It also has values like Stop Valve, Sluice Valve etc.

    Is it possible to group these so something like "%Valve%" Symbol (76,255,15,"MapInfo Water",0,0)

    I can't define each Valve with the same symbology as then Spectrum shows all of them in the legend (Mapinfo thankfully allows us to choose to display a value or not).

    I can create a new column with a case statement to have all the Valves called Valve in a Type_Symbology column for example but this really shouldn't be required. The solution needs to work once uploaded into Spectrum Spatial so we can not just do a series of selects without having to save the data for spectrum to use.

    George Corea