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Latest Posts

  • Posted in: Geocoding

    Hi Rachel, Thanks for reaching out! The desktop version of MapMarker does have this capability. It is know as a custom dictionary. The following is from Page 252 of the MapMarker desktop user guide, which can be found at https://www.pitneybowes.com/content/dam/support/software/product-documentation/public/mapmarker/v31-0-0/en-us/mapmarker-v31-0-0-user-guide.pdf ...

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    RE: 4k Monitor Support

    Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Thank you all for responding. I finally got approval for new monitors, and I just wanted to make sure that a 4K monitor was going to display MapInfo well without any issues. ------------------------------ Rachel Taylor ----------------------------- ...

  • Profile Picture

    RE: 4k Monitor Support

    Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Yes I switched to a huge 4k monitor a couple of days ago.  I too increased to 125% as the text for everything was smaller than my old monitor. We only do "Crayon drawing" as far as our several hundred maps go,  but each needs to be very accurate.  No ...

Greatest Posts

  • I am very excited to share with everyone, that team has successfully completed another big milestone, Pleased to announce the general availability of "Spectrum Spatial LIM 2018.2"  and "Spectrum Spatial Analyst 2018.2 GA" the release is now available ...

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  • Posted in: Confirm

    Hi Everyone, We're pleased to be able to share some presentations from the User Forum earlier this week. There were some very engaging sessions from Users & Pitney Bowes team alike, please share follow up questions here in the discussion group! Enjoy! ...

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  • Profile Picture

    Chatbot Integration with Confirm

    Posted in: Confirm

    EngageOne Converse - Pitney Bowes' Chatbot for automating conversations with citizens. Joes Dantas from the Australian team demonstrating full integration between the chatbot and Confirm Customer Services at the Australia User Forum ------------------------------ ...

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Unanswered Posts

  • Profile Picture

    Floating browser option

    Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    It would be very nice to have the option to open a new browser window in floating instead of the default tabbed, as well as to have query results open in a floating browser. I have modified some custom .MBXes to do this, but when using MapInfo's built ...

  • Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Hello all,   I have a lot of raster imagery in cloud-optimised geotiff format. https://www.cogeo.org/   I am running MapInfo v16.0.3 (64-bit) on Windows 7 (64-bit)   When I open a cloud-optimised geotiff for the first time, MapInfo generates ...

  • Posted in: Confirm

    Hi all,   I have been successful for an Asset Manager position at another council. Unfortunately it doesn't use Confirm so I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the Pitney Bowes Confirm Team for there assistance and work in developing ...

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