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Coordinate systems a mystery to you?

A new post in the Spectrum Technology Platform community will teach you the difference between Latitude/Longitude, X/Y, and Easting/Northing coordinate systems.

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Latest Posts

  • Posted in: Confirm

    Himanshu, At Hertfordshire ​we are also  concerned as the DFT are communicating that current systems can be used after SM goes live, but the current API work as you have described will not allow a like for like operation. I echo the concerns of the ...

  • I am glad to say that, this information is very helpful for who are concentrated in research. He is the best person to do research own ways. The many students are doing their research works my research ( how cleaning service in Dubai works and what ...

  • Oh! That's a handy tip! Copy didn't work for me but save as did. Unfortunately I don't want to make more steps for my users. I might put out an email saying this is available but they will probably require me to set up a word template to go with it :D ...

Greatest Posts

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    Confused by coordinate systems?

    ​ What is the difference between latitude/longitude and Easting/Northing? Latitude/longitude, Easting/Northing, X/Y are ways we uniquely identify a position on Earth and are also called coordinates. There are 2 coordinate systems namely ...

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  • Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Hi all, MapInfo Pro and MapBasic 17.0.3 have been released and you can download them from our web site. MapInfo Pro link:  http://www.pbinsight.com/support/product-downloads/item/mapInfo-pro-v17.0.3-evaluation-version MapBasic link: http://www.pbinsight.com/support/product-downloads/item/mapbasic-v17.0.3-download ...

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  • Hi guys, here's a short video I've created for examples of a couple of Spatial queries. #HowTo #SSA #Youtube #Training #Instructional https://youtu.be/DRDDSlp56DA YouTube Spatial Query (Polygon & Buffer) - SSA ...

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Unanswered Posts

  • Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Has anyone had any success connecting to a PostGIS database? We have created one in our team which we can successfully use with QGIS and Tableau, but when ever I try to connect to it from MapInfo Pro (17.0.3) using Open Universal Data, MapInfo crashes ...

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  • Posted in: Confirm

    All, Just a reminder of what is included in Confirm® v19.2 and ConfirmConnect® v7.2  Some really exciting additions to Confirm® v19.2 include:  Repeating Jobs Regimes Superseding Defects and Defect Document Links on Confirm Web Spatial Data ...

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  • Posted in: Data Sandbox

    As a GIS user it can be interesting to work address locations.  In my case I wanted to look at distances to carrier fiber to understand optical coverage.  For example, what is the carrier fiber coverage for Detroit, or the suburbs of Dallas, or more rural ...

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