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Forrester names Pitney Bowes as a Location Intelligence platform leader.

(We're pretty proud of it)

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Spectrum Spatial Analyst

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Latest Posts

  • Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Hi Nick, In addition to the last email where you were able to duplicate the issue, I am attaching 2 other screen shots. This one is when I start MapInfo Viewer when I have been logged out.. And this one is when I am in MapInfo Viewer ...

  • Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Hi, The error occurs when either when running MapInfo Viewer when the logon screen pops up or when attempting to switch user it pops up with the logon window. If either yes or no is clicked it proceeds back to the logon page which works successfully. ...

  • Thanks for that! I ended to use "Label above value" and change the text colour to make it stand out. ------------------------------ Shaw Shang Tablelands Regional Council Atherton ------------------------------

Greatest Posts

  • I am very excited to share with everyone, that team has successfully completed another big milestone, Pleased to announce the general availability of "Spectrum Spatial LIM 2018.2"  and "Spectrum Spatial Analyst 2018.2 GA" the release is now available ...

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  • Posted in: Confirm

    Hi Everyone, We're pleased to be able to share some presentations from the User Forum earlier this week. There were some very engaging sessions from Users & Pitney Bowes team alike, please share follow up questions here in the discussion group! Enjoy! ...

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  • Posted in: Confirm

    EngageOne Converse - Pitney Bowes' Chatbot for automating conversations with citizens. Joes Dantas from the Australian team demonstrating full integration between the chatbot and Confirm Customer Services at the Australia User Forum ------------------------------ ...

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Unanswered Posts

  • Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Hello all, I am trying to create a new seamless layer using the tool extension seamless manager. I've done this in the past so I think I know how to do it. However, all I get is MapBasic error #0 in NewSeam: I have tried 2 sets of data, raster images ...

  • Posted in: Confirm

    Confirm®   Risk Based Approach  Birmingham – 6 th   March 2019 Pitney Bowes Confirm® is hosting a one day session on the "Risk Based Approach".   As proposed on the Ideas Portal,  we would like to gather a cross section of customers to join ...

  • Hi, I have a problem with layer visibility when opening a MWS workspace via the Run Application command. Even if all layers are set as invisible via the tag <Visibility visible="false"/>, all layers are initially visible and then set to invisible. I ...

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