Ms. Monica Di Martino


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I'm one of the Spectrum Spatial (SSA/LIM)  Community Admin so I'd like to introduce myself to you.

I'm really an Italian person, do you know?
I love good foods, be ironic and get new friends around the world; having very good business relationships with colleagues, clients and business partners. I am based in Rome, Italy - if you need any advice about visiting Italy or eating Italian food just let me know!

Presales EngineerWith a math degree, after 15 years working as Senior Software Engineer with a PB MapInfo business partner, since 2010 I'm EMEA Location Intelligence Presales Engineer with Pitney Bowes. I work supporting Channel Managers, partners, clients in Italy, Iberia and Romania - but sometimes I work with colleagues and business partners in other so far countries because of sharing information, business experiences and materials are so important for growing the business.

The Knowledge  Spectrum Spatial Community.
After many years working with MapInfo Pro, since 2015 I'm totally focused on Spectrum Spatial technology and applications.  I do customize Spectrum Spatial Analyst application to prepare some demos/POC of tailored solutions in Telco, Retail, Automotive and PS business market - some of them showed at the latest EMEA Partner Conferences.  I also do provide Spectrum Spatial (Analyst) enablement to partners.
I really like to work with and get more knowledge from the Spectrum Spatial Engineers team, Product Managers and our technical support team!

Said that, please join our Spectrum Spatial (SSA/LIM) community!  If you have any questions to me or comments please post to the community, and be sure to tag me so I will notice your post right away, or send me a private email - even if you want to know something about Italy. I would love to help you!​