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I have over 2 decades of Customer Satisfaction experience from my work with technical support, troubleshooting and problem-solving.  I am an experienced Project Manager, Consultant, Team Leader, Mentor, and Trainer.  I've worked with various technologies, including Call Center Solutions, Customer Contact Center Solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Interaction Management (CIM), Unified Desk (UD), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).  

These catchphrases & buzzwords are intended to differentiate the available Customer Interaction technologies and software solutions, but they all distill down to a common philosophy of how to provide a quality service.  Customer Interaction at its best can create Sustainable Customer Satisfactionwhich doesn't require any software or technology.  

Sustainable Customer Satisfaction starts with listening to the customer, understanding the customer's needs and responding in a way that adds the most value. What I have found the most rewarding in all of my work in IT is helping others (CUSTOMERS) achieve their goals. This is the main ingredient in creating any degree of Customer Satisfaction.

I'm also an experienced Global Delivery Manager who has achieved success in building, managing and maintaining multicultural teams.  

Global Delivery presents significant intercultural and multicultural challenges which can appear daunting to some. However this is easily overcome with the right open-minded leadership and guidance by a manager who is competent in multicultural settings and who is experienced at building and managing a distributed, multiethnic, multicultural team and able to find the common ground that can be used, with mutual respect, to build relationships and constantly improve understanding. I am such a manager.

Global Delivery and Sustainable Customer Satisfaction are exciting perspectives in these times of change. Tapping into disparate pools of highly educated, skilled, intelligent people competing for the opportunity to apply their technical prowess provides an opportunity to select the best people for the job and expands the possibilities for addressing customers' needs and wants.