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Did you know a survey of Local Government managers by Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government identified the need for better relationships with communities as one of the top ten critical issues they face today?

Following on from the global financial crisis, austerity measures imposed globally mean government organisations at all levels face a significant challenge: cut costs and improve efficiency whilst delivering better services to the citizen and communities. In fact, Joe Hockey, Australia’s federal treasurer set an ambitious target last year to reduce government spending by 1.1 per cent of national income before 2025, in the hope of driving down the nation’s public debt.

Government agencies and departments are therefore continually looking for new ways to make more informed decisions to meet growing citizen demands and that’s where I fit in. I am responsible for the management and development of public sector, federal and local government operations at Pitney Bowes. Partnering with departments and agencies I draw upon over 20 years’ experience of helping improve engagement and communications, deliver effective public services and advise on critical infrastructure assets through the application of location intelligence, infrastructure management and data solutions.

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