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I'm a self confessed geek, loving all things technology related!! I am constantly in awe at how far people are pushing the boundaries with what is achievable in this space, particularly around "location awareness". Constantly on the hunt for improvements in efficiency and beautiful user experiences, my spare time is a blur of building "sandbox" environments to test the latest in cutting-edge technologies.

My enthusiasm for this has subconsciously driven my career - with the stars aligning in my current role. I absolutely love helping my numerous clients throughout Australia drive efficiency throughout their organisations and promote the benefits of Location intelligence. I constantly share my experience with them and enjoy watching the community learn and grow from each other. My favourite moments are when my clients throw out challenges - pushing me to think laterally towards the most innovate solution possible.

When not buried in my laptop/tablet/phone, I indulge in my second passion - food. Whether it be tracking down my next culinary adventure, getting lost in the action of my local markets, or taking the time to enjoy many of Melbourne's amazing cafes - I simply cannot live without a regular fix. This passion has translated into a love of cooking - with my friends benefiting from many "themed" dinner adventures as I try as many cuisine styles as they can handle.