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I did a MSc degree in Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing and graduated from 4 Universities, namely University of Southampton (UK), Lund University (Sweden), Warsaw University (Poland) and Twenty University (Netherlands). After graduating I worked with GIS and Remote Sensing in a few different companies. I worked in Ordnance Survey in the data management department. I managed the maps and data department in Groundsure which is an environmental consultancy company based in Brighton. I worked in Airbus on the European Space Agency’s Copernicus project and was responsible for the global emergency projects requiring satellite data. In my most recent job role I worked in Royal Holloway within the Earth Sciences department in the South East Research group and was responsible for all the GIS and Remote sensing projects.  

In my spare time I enjoy painting  and embroidery. I am quadrilingual and in addition to English speak Hindi, Bengali and French. My philosophy in life is simple ‘hard work pays off’.​