Mr. Georges Majerus

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Hello Visitor,Friend, ex-colleague, or genuinely curious person.

let me greet you first. Nice to see you here!

I suppose you are interested in who I am, where I come from, or what I am doing right now, or to simply share thoughts, ideas or new opportunities. I welcome that and I am open to communicate about new interesting projects.

I had the chance to be involved in many interesting projects around the world, and to work with highly skilled professionals, some of which I consider top notch. I try to learn from each and everyone.

I currently work for LuxConnect, a company that deploys a high end fiber network in Luxembourg, and offers datacenter services. After 8 years of hard but interesting work we have deployed a nationwide Fiber Backbone of more than 1500km.

I believe that communication and negotiation skills are a great asset. Being familiar with the technology I am dealing with is a must, but I am not a bits and bytes person. I probably could, but that would be a waste of my real talents.

I can deploy quite an energy to get a job done, fast, but respecting the pace of the people I am dealing with.

In my case, I am seeing some people for the third time now, since I was already involved in two major network roll outs in Luxembourg. It is reassuring to find out that the doors are still open. Whether it's the military camp, the Police HQ or the door of the mayor's office of the smallest county in Luxembourg. And with Luxembourg already being small you can imagine the size of that county.

These few lines should give you a little insight of who I am and how I work. I love my job and have a lot of fun working hard.

Get in touch if you want more information about me or my fabulous country!


Specialties: Negotiation , Communication , Project Managing , technical skills that are likely to be outdated tomorrow :) I speak 5 languages. I adapt to changes.
I can accept the things I cannot change, but I'd rather change the things I cannot accept.