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Throughout my career I have been fortunate to develop and lead numerous initiatives that have transformed the way business is conducted. Currently I am leading efforts to create a robust online customer community - right here on - for our clients.

My first transformational assignment came as part of the Total Quality Management movement, then the Year 2000 (Y2K) initiative, to business process outsourcing and offshoring in 2004, to Six Sigma and client experience improvement in 2007. More recently I have helped transform marketing functions through technology as buyer's journeys have changed with explosion of social media and mobile, and established Li360, Pitney Bowes' first customer community.

Through these experiences I have gained unique insight into how to develop and deploy highly effective programs built upon the use of research, data, employee engagement, leadership, communications, and benchmarking.

Specialties: Strategic Planning and Execution, Customer Experience Management, Field Service, Business to Business (B2B), CRM, Contact Centers, Marketing Operations, Research Design and Execution, Online Experience Management, Vendor Management, Technology and Operations Management.